Write a note if you receive a gift,

Write a note to someone who’s missed.

Write a note to a pen pal far away,

Write a note if you want to play.

Write a note to someone you adore,

Write a note to your favorite store.

Write a note to say you’re sorry,

Write a note while drinking coffee.

Write a note to check on a friend,

Write a note to make amends.

Hate you written a note lately?

Acceptance: A poem featuring Liesel and Speedy

Some of us are tall,

Some of us are short.

Some of us are small,

Some of us play sports.

Some of us are loud,

Some of us are quiet.

Some of us like crowds,

Some of us are private.

Some of us are similar,

Some of us are different.

Some of us are friendlier,

All of us are important.

Liesel and Speedy

Back To Work

It’s the morning after a long holiday break,

I bet you didn’t sleep well and were wide awake.

Back to alarm clocks, schedules, and deadlines,

And so much work and early bedtimes.

Prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming task,

By eating well and taking time to relax.

Always work hard at whatever you do,

There may be a another break in a month or two.

Time to get up for work!

Dressing Up

Getting dressed up is sometimes fun,

Whether you’re in a group or just one,

Go to a party or a nice restaurant,

Get to the mall to buy what you want.

Sometimes getting dressed up is fun,

If you get an invitation don’t run.

Do you like to get dressed up?

Daily Reflection

Take some time each day to think,

About the people who make you wink.

Quiet time is good for your mind,

To think of all the ways to be kind.

Keep a journal of all your thoughts,

Words are more valuable than anything bought.

Have you reflected on today?


Never walk on a layer of ice,

Warning signs should make you think twice.

A frozen pond may not look dangerous,

Breaking ice can sometimes injure us.

Winter has many fun things to do,

Put safety first so you don’t feel blue.

Stay warm and safe!


Pure white flakes fall from the sky,

A sea of white catches the eye.

The magic of snow is a beautiful sight,

Making us feel merry and bright.

Bundle up before you go,

Grab your friends to play in the snow.


Grief can hit you like a ton of bricks,

Feeling like your emotions are playing tricks.

Give yourself time to mourn a loss,

Talk to a friend or even your boss.

We all show sorrow in different ways,

Find some activities to fill your days.

It may take a month or even a year,

To feel like yourself and spread some cheer.

How do you grieve?

The Mask

Wearing a mask is the safe thing to do,

To prevent germs from getting through.

Wear a mask in public places,

It means you can’t see the smiling faces.

Make sure the mask covers your nose,

Maybe buy one to match your clothes.

Let’s do our part to protect each other,

So we can get back to hugging one another.

Don’t forget your mask!