We all will win and we all will lose,

If you win it will be exciting news.

Winning does not give you the right,

To walk around bragging all night.

Everyone tries their best at a game,

Never make anyone feel ashamed.

Winning is a moment to be proud,

Always complement your opponent out loud.

We are all proud of people who win,

Excessive bragging will make us think again.

Have you won anything lately?

2 thoughts on “No Bragging: A poem featuring Kali the Corgi

  1. Love your poems about dogs. They are your best friend. I love my fur baby. Never barks back. Understands me when I talk to her. I tell my husband Koko is our gifted child. Koko is the best watch dog always gives a little bark when we get a package. Love’s the Amazon man and they love her. She also loves to ride in the car in her pink car seat . So love your fur baby and they will love you back.

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