We all shine in our own special way,

We all have important things to say.

We all express ourselves differently.

We all navigate through life skillfully.

We all possess many great qualities,

We all have different goals and priorities.

We all want to be accepted and loved,

We all want to be praised and hugged.

We all want to show the world what we can do,

We all want our challenges to help us through.

We are not all the same and that’s just fine.

We all should embrace our unique design.

Stevie the Wonder Dog has a diagnosis of Cerebellarhypoplasia and spreads so much joy!




6 thoughts on “Differences: A poem featuring Stevie the Wonder Dog

  1. Hoping everyone who reads this can take the words to heart and realize you are perfectly imperfect and that is just flippin fantastic !!

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  2. Stevie,
    I watch you & your mom everyday! You bring so much joy to everyone you come in contact with. You’re an awesome dog and true companion. You deserve the world. And many treats! You’re an awesome boy! How do I send a package to you?

    Liked by 1 person

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