Being patient is controlled from within,

Waiting and waiting for something to begin.

Learn to be calm and you may see,

Exactly what is meant to be.

I am waiting patiently to play ball



Eyes tell the story of your soul,

Eyes show if you’re happy or feeling low.

Eyes shine bright when you’re excited,

Eyes smile to say you’re delighted.

Eyes can be sad and shed many tears,

Eyes have emotions throughout the years.

Eyes see people showing acts of kindness,

Eyes feel joy when they see forgiveness.

What do your eyes say about you?


A good night’s rest is good for the mind,

Whether you’re relaxed or in a bind.

Dreams allow your thoughts to go,

To places like winning a dog show.

When the sun rises I hope you feel,

Fully refreshed and ready for a meal.

How did you sleep?

Home Sweet Home

Home is where I hang my collar,

Home is where I run and holler.

Home is where I show my love,

Home is where we fit like a glove.

Home is where my family loves me,

Home is where I can just be.

Home is where is lay my head,

Home is where I plan ahead.

Home is where I get my rest,

Home is where I learn from the best.

Home makes me smile!

Swimming: A poem featuring Miller the Golden Retriever

A dip in the pool is always refreshing,

The fun activity can be a blessing.

Relaxing on a float makes you hotter,

Cooling off by swimming underwater.

Life jackets may be part of the deal,

Safety first no matter how they feel.

Spend some time after you eat,

Give your body a break from the heat.

Whether the lake, beach, or even a pool,

Water safety is the number one rule.

Do you enjoy swimming?

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Second Chances: A poem featuring Jules the St. Martin Rescue Dog

A second chance is a new beginning,

The new opportunity has you grinning.

A second chance is a gift from the world,

A new direction to which you turned.

A second chance is a dream come true,

Embrace the possibility given to you.

A second chance is different from the past,

Stick with a plan and make it last.

A second chance is a new set of goals,

Pay it forward and welcome your roles.

When did you get a second chance?


Sometimes in life the climb will be hard,

Maybe an inch can seem like a yard.

We’ve all been told to think positively,

A daunting task can affect us negatively.

It is not a race to see who will win,

Enjoy the journey once you begin.

You may encounter hurdles along the way,

Set attainable goals with each new day.

Don’t give up when the going gets tough,

Always remember that you are enough.

What climb are you most proud of?


A friend is someone who makes you smile,

A friend is someone who likes your style.

A friend is someone who wipes away your tears,

A friend is someone who is with you for years

A friend is someone who listens to you talk,

A friend is someone who joins you on a walk.

A friend is someone who wants to play,

A friend is someone who saves the day.

My friend Marley and me

Rain: A poem featuring Clancy the Bassett Hound

The sky opens up and water pours down,

You may even hear a thunderous sound.

The tap of the rain is nature’s music,

It is often referred to as therapeutic.

Use your umbrella if out on the town,

Go inside when lightning is around.

Have a back up plan for a rainy day,

Mother Nature decides when to play.

After a storm a rainbow may appear,

Be on the lookout as it will disappear.

Do you like the rain?

Whining: A poem featuring Queenie the Rescue Horse

A whine is a high-pitched cry or sound,

Hearing a constant whimper is quite profound.

A whine is often the result of unhappiness,

Perhaps a state of shock or even crabbiness.

A whine can be used as a form of communication,

Yet it may end with a negative conversation.

A whine is a complaint or a call for help,

Understand the meaning of the sound of the yelp.

A whine is not always a bad expression,

Don’t confuse it with a feeling of affection.

How do you whine?