Stop And Smell The Roses

Don’t let life pass you by,

Take time to appreciate the why.

Our lives are busy and we must see,

The many things that allow us to be.

Start your day with a grateful heart,

Take a walk or sketch some art.

Live life fully for each day is a gift,

Find some roses and take a whiff.

Don’t let life pass you by,

Slow it down so the days don’t fly.

Have you stopped and smelled the roses today?


Protection: A poem featuring Tulsa Police Officer and Firefighter Khara and Frank Bresee

A benefit of living in the red, white, and blue,

Are the police and firefighters watching over you.

When you’re hurt or feeling scared,

Dial 911 because they are prepared.

Police officers enforce the many laws,

They are brave and deserve an applause.

Firefighters rescue people in emergencies,

Putting out fires with a sense of urgency.

Show respect to a community worker,

Watch closely and be a good learner.

Has a police officer or firefighter ever helped you?


Taking walks can clear your mind,

In case you’re stressed or feeling fine.

Take a walk and you may find,

That walk may allow you to unwind.

Have you taken a walk today?


There’s nothing better than starting a good book,

Reading is a fun hobby like learning to cook.

Look for a title that captures your attention,

Or even something that teaches a lesson.

With so many genres for you to try,

Historical fiction or a thriller with a spy.

There are educational and comics books,

Self-help and how to get the latest looks.

A book can turn into a Hollywood movie,

A love story theme or a plot that’s juicy.

Go to the library or quaint little bookshop,

Once you begin reading you won’t stop.

What are you reading?

Makeup: A poem featuring Remy Lynn the Chocolate Lab

Makeup is a way to express yourself,

So many shades to choose from the shelf.

Makeup is smokey eyes or a classic red lip,

Lipstick so bright it comes off with each sip.

Makeup is a pencil or liquid eyeliner,

Prices range from average to designer.

Makeup is rosy cheeks or a slight shimmer,

A look that results in a beautiful glimmer.

Sometimes even extensions are preferred.

Makeup is a hobby or a profession for some,

It’s exciting to see the new products that come.

Makeup is eyelashes that are thick and curled,

How does makeup make you feel?

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Be sure to wear green today!

Maybe the leaprachauns will come out to play!

Listen to that the Irish have to say!

Are you wearing green today?

Snow Day

Schools are closed for a snow day,

Grab your friends and go out and play.

Gather your sled and all the gear,

Head to the sledding hill and have no fear.

Be sure to bundle up so you stay warm,

Check the weather to avoid a storm.

Build a snowman that is six feet tall,

Make a fort with a snow packed wall.

Throw snowballs as far as you can,

Enjoy the day with all of your clan.

The sun is setting and it’s time to go in,

To reflect on what a fun days it’s been.

Snow day fun!

Doctors: A poem featuring Dr. Allison Jenkins, D.V.M

Doctors are professional who have many skills,

They make you feel better if you have the chills.

Doctors prescribe medicine if you are ill,

They tell you to rest and swallow the pill.

Doctors bandage scrapes if you fall down,

They can make you smile and replace a frown.

Doctors give shots as a layer of protection,

They educate you on preventing infection.

Doctors are kind and help their patients,

They always listen and have lots of patience.

Doctors are so nice!

Grandparents: A poem featuring Mimi and Papa Ken

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Taking walks and enjoying the warm sun.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Family dinners followed by dessert when done.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Having a movie night or watching an old rerun.

Spending time with grandparents is always fun,

Be sure to tell them they’re your number one.

Hanging out with my grandparents!

Best Friends: A poem featuring Dolly the German Wirehaired Pointer and Jolene the Manx

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes,

Best friends are one of life’s greatest prizes.

Best friends share deep dark thoughts,

Best friends help each other with loss.

Best friends have mutual respect for each other,

Best friends never makes fun of one another.

Best friends have each other’s back,

Best friends sometimes split a snack.

Best friends make the other one happy,

Best friends may even have the same style.

Dolly and Jolene are best friends!